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work sucks

I want to be a rainbow warrior...

In preparation of moving to Portland, I have had the strangest urge not only to buy furniture, but to BUILD it. I am totally going to make this bookshelf. Yes.


I'll probably end up cutting off a finger... But as long as it's on my left hand, it's all cool.

So I'm a slave to work and school, but it's kind of nice to have something distracting me. I just splurged a large amount of money on video games. But in my defense, they were used, so they're cheaper, and it was totally worth it. It really cheered me up and inspired me. I mean, I got a "game" that's pretty much a handheld cookbook! ♥ And a game about lawyers. I'm such a geek.

So I'm really excited to be going to school soon for what I'm actually passionate about. I realized that so many people either have no passion, or they aren't willing to follow it. It's one thing when people CAN'T at the moment. But to not even bother going for it? My mom spent several years as a dog trainer, and no one ever thought she could get into physics and engineering, which is what she loved, but she went back to school and is now working with lasers and shit. It was later than she would have liked, but better later than never. Ugh, it's probably pretentious, but when I ask people why they're majoring in whatever it is, and they say, "well, it's easy" or "it'll get me money" or "I don't really know" or "my mom wants me to" and they have no plans to go back to something later, I lose some respect for them. It's just giving up and taking the easy way.


Yes! It's about time! I'm so excited for you to be going to an art school and doing what you want. It's so liberating and interesting and you'll learn so much. You'll discover new things about yourself too. Like this semester I finally learned how to properly write a screenplay basics and I love love love it. I'm so excited for you and your furniture.

Anyway, I want to visit you already, hahaha.

And I was on a pseudo-date with the boy in my latest deviantart things, and he's an extremely wonderful singer but won't study it because it "won't get him money". As if that's the biggest thing that matters!

UGH! Who cares! That's so SAFE and WEAK!