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Diaganally Parked in a Parallel Universe.

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This is my personal LiveJournal to rant about life, join communities, make icons, and just to chat with friends. I enjoy drawing, listening to music, reading, playing video games, and watching movies. I'm interested in eventually working in computer animation in video games.


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For more of an idea of what I like, here's an entry with some colorbars and banners of things that I fangirl over, and my Amazon list with things I want.


My Amazon.com Wish List

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akumetsu, alan rickman, alfred molina, aliens, anime, astrology, ayumi hamasaki, batman, bleach, books, cartoons, chazz michael michaels, chuck bartowski, cid highwind, cid/tifa, color bars, comics, count olaf, crack pairings, dance dance revolution, deviantart, disgaea, disney, dr. octavius, drawing, everyone/haruhi, eyeshield 21, fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy, forbidden romance, fortune telling, freakazoid, funny shirts, ganjyu, ganondorf, garbage, ghosts, goldfrapp, greek mythology, guu, ha-ha kyoudai, hanatarou, hare+guu, harley quinn, harry potter, haruhi/everyone, hayao miyazaki, hellboy, heroes, hiruma, homestar runner, hugh jackman, ice cream, icons, jak and daxter, jiro wang, john locke, john munch, jyuumonjixsena, kakashi, katamari damacy, kawachi, kenpachi, kingdom hearts, kino's journey, kroenen, law and order: svu, lawn gnomes, le tigre, lemony snicket, lost, love, loz/tifa, lust, manga, monty python, mori, mori/haruhi, movies, music, my friends, mythology, naruto, ninjas, nintendo, noir, numerology, obi wan, obsessions, okage, older men, ouran, paul dimeo, pixar, pocky, pushing daisies, ratatouille, ratchet and clank, reading, remus lupin, rice and eggs, riddles, rock, romantic movies, rpgs, rude/tifa, rukia, run lola run, samurai jack, sena, severus snape, shaun of the dead, skittles, sleeping, snow, spider-man, stephen king, strong bad, super smash brothers melee, supernatural, swimming, taylor hicks, teachers, terry pratchett, the beatles, the incredibles, the office, the tick, ufos, video games, weird dreams, yakitate, yeah yeah yeahs