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What the hell?!

So what's up with Heath Ledger dying?!! Jeez! :( I mean, I wasn't a fan or anything, but I always heard about him because he was pretty popular, especially after Brokeback Mountain... All of these celebrity deaths lately are kinda creepy, and they're just really sad. What just freaked me out about Ledger's death the most was I was trying to remember why he sounded so familiar lately besides my previous knowledge of him, and then it kind of hit: he's gonna be the new Joker and I was just watching the trailers for the new Batman and getting really excited about how he was going to portray him!! Kinda crazy, dudes.


I wasn't really a fan either. I liked him A LOT thought in Brokeback Mountain (even more than Jake) and finally started to think he was cool. And now he's dead! I don't like talking about it really, like I'm making light of something that is extremely devastating to the people who actually knew him, but this whole thing really caught the world off-guard I think.
it was quite a shock, but yeah.