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hahaha wtf

So last night I dreamt that me and Locke from Lost discovered that my dad's house was like an underwater cave that Bjork hung out in because she was some kind of alienish sea creature that migrated in and out of the ocean to stay on the surface in the fall time. o_O;; And apparently we learned that her songs hinted at it somehow.

Then, the dream switched to me being at CHS/UTEP (because they were somehow right next to each other, which would be freaking convenient in real life) and basically Godzilla was attacking the city and was really nearby. So I was running around with Sammy trying to contact my friends and family (my mom didn't believe me and our phone connection was really crappy) and for some reason there was like a Japanese convention in town or something. So I was trying to help them because they were all scared and their kids were seperating from them. Luckily my grandpa was there and he helped translate a little bit of Japanese for me to get the Japanese people to stay in a building while I ran off to find other people. Some guy showed up and told me that he was told to help me specifically find Luis. And there were people trying to drive out of town on the highway nearby and I watched a chick almost surfing on a car as it drove away. And for a short period of time Harley Quinn and the Joker from Batman were there, because they wanted to stop the Godzilla thing with a robotic dinosaur of their own.

What the FUCK. But it was fun.


Dude that sounds awesome, Bjork and Godzilla, no, dude that's like 'crazy awesome'.
oh wow you always have crazy dramatic action packed dreams!!